Big sticky bubbles in my t-shirt & thong


I made this video around the time the Tigers were in the championships, don’t I look so damn HOT sporting my official old english "D" shirt? …..unfortunately for us we lost, but once you see this video you’ll forget all about it lol! I get my gum worked up real good for you & begin to blow cute sized bubbles. I chew the flavor out of the first piece so I decide to pop in another and that’s when I start blowing BIG, head-sized bubbles for you that gets all in my hair! I snap my gum LOUDLY and continue giving you sexy angles & positions while blowing huge bubbles that eventually make a sticky mess all over my face!

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Lushious is sitting on the couch dressed in a hot leather outfit. She had a whole roll of tape bubble gum. She takes it out and puts it sexily into her mouth. She chomps and chews on it. She makes a few decent bubbles and bites them into oblivion. More chomping, chewing, bubbles and sexy gum tape play.

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Slurp! Slurp! This is Way Too Much Gum For My Little Braces Filled Mouth

Slurp! Slurp! This is Way Too Much Gum For My Little Braces Filled Mouth

Ready to Burn DVD File – Mmmmmm! My cotton candy flavored bubble gum is so yummy! It’s so juicy too. I’m making lots of slurping sounds trying to keep all the juice in my mouth! I’m sure you won’t mind the slurping sounds too much when you’re stroking your hard dick. 🙂 I start blowing some bubbles, but they’re pretty small at first. Then I take that huge wad of blue gum out of my mouth and start playing with it. I love to play with my gum, but then I always have to lick every one of my fingers clean! They always get so sticky. Slurp! Slurp! This is way too much gum for my little braces filled mouth. Finally I’m able to blow so nice big bubbles, but that doesn’t stop me from totally playing with my gum again and again. It’s getting everywhere! I’m sure you’d love to be looking at my perky 32 B’s, so I pull up my top. I keep blowing bubbles while I play with my titties. I’m so sticky by the end that I have to go wash up! Even my boobies are. LOL I hope you get all sticky too after watching this one!


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Payton is a 49yr old MILF and escort but still loves to chew gum. She has big blue eyes and a tiny little voice. She was probably one of the nicest women I’ve ever worked with. I have more videos of Payton coming out soon at another store Wicked Smoking Stepmothers /


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